We Shop With Our Eyes.

Now more than ever, the phrase “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words,” couldn’t be more true.


In any business, imagery is a critical investment—because we have just a few precious seconds to grab a shopper’s interest. And that couldn't be more true in the fast-growing cannabis industry where an Instagram presence is critical to reaching cannasumers.

Our professional photography team brings years of experience bringing stories, products, and services to life. We know what it takes to develop compelling imagery that demands attention, and maintains brand consistency. And we know how to make it fun!

Our on-site newly remodeled photo studio in the Monterey Bay Area in California is fully equipped and an ideal setup for video, live streaming and product photography.

Set on a rural property, there are plenty of outdoor locations and nearby spots for a variety of lifestyle shots.


Give us a shot! Contact us and let's get started


Melissa McDill

Melissa brings decades of expertise perfecting the art of food photography. Having overseen hundreds of shoots and earning numerous awards for our clients—her attention to detail and brand consistency is unmatched. It’s no wonder some of the most well-known brands in the food world have trusted her creative eye.

Lisa Keenan

With an incredibly impressive client list and portfolio, Lisa’s skills to capture that money shot are a proven entity. A true professional, Keenan has a special knack to showcase your products in a way that demands attention. In the studio or on location, her work ethic ensures brands walk away with imagery that drives their success.

Chelsea Keenan

Highly creative, passionate and easygoing, Chelsea is our go-to photographer for lifestyle imagery that is both compelling and authentic. She knows just how to bring out a subject's personality and highlight their best features. Keenan’s talents don’t end there—she’s an accomplished food and product photographer as well!

Ken Berry

As our Digital Director, the pillars of Ken’s talents include photography, videography and post-production. Truth be told, Berry is nothing short of a PhotoShop and Premier magician. His ability to not only create imagery and video, but also finesse and perfect it, makes him a valuable asset to any client project.

Effie Benjamin

Critical to any effective shoot is planning and coordination -- which along with photography, is Effie’s strong suit. From product to props, Benjamin’s creative talents ensure that each and every image has been carefully thought out. With solid experience creating imagery for our social-media driven world, she understands what it takes to creates images that break clutter in today’s market.

Lynn Piquett

Behind every amazing drool-worthy edible photo is a hardworking food stylist like Lynn. A longtime member of our photo team, there’s no one else we trust more to test and tweak recipes, and prepare them to perfection. From simple to complicated, Piquett makes sure every one of our food photos leave you hungry.